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Unique Downtowns:
Mission: – To create a central source of information and resources to improve and connect vital downtowns throughout Manitowoc County leveraging unique offerings in each community.
Vision: Manitowoc County will be connected through people, businesses and governments to create unique and vibrant downtowns.

Young Worker Retention & Attraction:
Mission: To advocate social, employment, recreational and community opportunities in Manitowoc County for young people.
Vision: Manitowoc County is a community that offers unique, vibrant spaces and opportunities that engage and inspire young people to make it home.

Healthier Community:
Mission: Healthiest Manitowoc County provides collaborative leadership to improve the health of Manitowoc County.
Vision: Everyone living longer, better.

Changing the Conversation:
Mission: Inspire the people of Manitowoc County to share their positive attitude, experiences and passion about our community.
Vision: People of Manitowoc County actively and enthusiastically express community pride.

Regional Collaboration:
Mission: Develop and promote a shared vision for regional collaboration, leveraging our collective resources for opportunities and growth.
Vision: Manitowoc County is a sought-after partner in the region for its entrepreneurial vibe, engaged workforce, and progressive leadership.

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