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Unique Downtowns
Mission: – To create a central source of information and resources to improve and connect vital downtowns throughout Manitowoc County leveraging unique offerings in each community.
Vision: Downtowns in Manitowoc County will be connected through people, businesses and governments to create unique and vibrant downtowns. This will be accomplished by providing information, communicating and coordinating ideas and resources for the future.

Young Worker Retention & Attraction
Mission: To advocate social, employment, recreational and community opportunities in Manitowoc County for young people.
Vision: Manitowoc County is a community that offers unique, vibrant spaces and opportunities that engage and inspire young people to make it home.

Healthier Community
Mission: Healthiest Manitowoc County provides collaborative leadership to improve the health of Manitowoc County.
Vision: Everyone living longer, better.

Changing the Conversation
Mission: Inspire the people of Manitowoc County to share their positive attitude, experiences and passion about our community.
Vision: People of Manitowoc County actively and enthusiastically express community pride.

Regional Collaboration
Mission: Develop and promote a shared vision for regional collaboration, leveraging our collective resources for opportunities and growth.
Vision: TBD – In Process

Vision & Branding

Vision 2022 Community Study Data:

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