Unique Downtowns:

Optimize Our Incredible Downtowns and Amazing Lakefront/Rivers

Mission Statement:
To create a central source of information and resources to improve and connect vital downtowns throughout Manitowoc County leveraging unique offerings in each community.

Vision Statement:
Downtowns in Manitowoc County will be connected through people, businesses and governments to create unique and vibrant downtowns.  This will be accomplished by providing information, communicating and coordinating ideas and resources for the future.

Meeting & Work Group Upcoming Events:
Work Group Meeting – Thursday, June 7 (9am) – Beacon Organizational Consulting

Meeting & Work Group Materials:
Work Group Meeting Video – Thursday, March 22
Work Group Meeting Notes – Thursday, March 22
Work Group Meeting Notes – Thursday, April 19
Work Group Meeting Notes – Thursday, May 10

Group Leaders/Volunteers:
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