Action Teams

We’re excited to announce the formation of the following NEW Vision 2022 ACTION TEAMS which will focus on achieving the particular vision indicated below.

Meeting dates/times/locations can be found on the right-hand side of this site (or on the bottom if using a mobile device).

Community Pride:
All people of Manitowoc County actively and enthusiastically express community pride.

Workforce & Entrepreneurial Development:
Working together to grow our workforce and encourage and support innovative, entrepreneurial business.

Regional Opportunities:
Making Manitowoc County a sought-after partner in the region because of its engaged workforce, entrepreneurial vibe and progressive leadership.

Healthy Manitowoc County:
We want to live longer and better. Click here to view the Healthiest Manitowoc County webpage.

Downtown Collaboration:
Manitowoc County will be connected through people and businesses and governments to create unique and vibrant downtowns that appeal to residents, newcomers and tourists.

Young Manitowoc County:
We want to be a community that offers unique, vibrant spaces and opportunities that engage and inspire young people to make it home.

Leadership Development:
Our future is only as strong as our leaders of today and tomorrow.  Investing in formalized and connected leadership development is essential.

Media & Messaging:
Powerful messaging occurs every day from formal media sources and our own personal communication, whether it be oral or social media outlets.  We need to focus on telling our good stories.