About Vision 2022

Our Mission: Vision 2022 will create a movement, over a 5-year period, to drive Manitowoc County towards energized planning, action and achievement, resulting in community growth, health and prosperity.

We believe Manitowoc County is at another critical junction. The closure of Manitowoc Cranes has changed the face of the community and starts a new era in our history.  We will have a more diverse employer base than ever before and need to work and develop our economy and the future of our communities in changing business and economic times. We need to retain and attract young workers. We need to have a quality workforce to replace retiring Baby Boomers.

The three organizations that came together to form V22 recognize that we are in a significantly better environment than we were back in 2000.  We have a lot of good things happening here with our communities, our businesses and organization. We view the V22 program as a tool to help leverage these assets through better communication, coordination and access to resources.

At this critical point in our history we need to work together to create a common vision and plan for the future.  We need to implement that plan with resources, drive and community support.  We need to take control of our future and our place in the region if we are going to prosper. We understand that this is a realistic goal and that many key activities are already underway in that direction.  We hope you will help us create the structure, energy and synergy to drive success.

We welcome ideas and suggestions from the public! You can drop an email to v22mcorg@gmail.com with your thoughts.