About Vision 2022

We believe Manitowoc County is an outstanding community to live, learn, work and play. We have amazing natural resources at every turn. In addition to the somewhat obvious first thought of being a county with the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and several beautiful rivers, we have innovative, caring, hard-working people who surely are our greatest natural resource.

As a historical Maritime, agriculture and manufacturing community, Manitowoc County has changed as the needs of the community and people have changed. Vision 2022 is all about working together with enthusiasm and passion to assure that we meet the future needs of our County. The face of our community has changed as we begin a new era of our history.

We need a more diverse employer base than ever before and need to work and develop our economy and the future of our community in changing business and economic times. We need to retain and attract young workers and new people. We need to consistently speak positively about our county and share the good news. We need to work together for better, and we’re off to a great start.

Vision 2022 began in July of 2017 with this as our Mission:

VISION 2022 is a movement to drive Manitowoc County towards unified planning, action and achievement, resulting in community growth, health and prosperity.

Now, one year in, we have attracted interest from over 1000 people and organizations who have a common drive to make Manitowoc County better. Our Work Groups are focused on essential core strengths. Action plans are in the works and the next generation of structure and focus for Vision 2022 is underway.

We have a Vision:

We will be a community of people filled with excitement for success, pride and passion for better, who love to call Manitowoc county home.

If you too believe in Manitowoc County and its future, consider becoming a part of Vision 2022. We welcome ideas and suggestions. Drop us a line at v22mc.org@gmail.com

Updated: 24 July 2018