February 2019

Since launching Vision 2022 in July of 2017, we have focused, as a community on the mission of this grassroots initiative:

Vision 2022 will create a movement to drive Manitowoc County towards unified planning, action and achievement, resulting in community growth, health and prosperity.

Now, 19 months later, we look back on the accomplishments made and look ahead to the sunset of Vision 2022 as it exists today, while maintaining the momentum gained.  The intended model of Vision 2022 called for initial identification of tactics based on community-driven input with ultimate execution of those tactics occurring by existing groups and organizations.  In this update, we are happy to share our accomplishments and next steps.


  • We conducted the largest community study undertaken in Manitowoc County, with over 2,500 participants. We reported the findings to the community, using them to identify opportunities.  We add to that almost 300 Youth Surveys still in progress thru area high schools and colleges.
  • We engaged close to 2,000 people from all walks of life in the Vision 2022 process.
  • We enjoyed excellent business driven leadership in the Vision 2022 process.
  • We met with, and kept, current our county, municipal, key organization and education leadership.
  • We led five teams through action planning focused on community improvement:

Regional Collaboration

Changing the Conversation

Healthy Manitowoc County

Young People Attraction and Retention

Unique Downtowns

  • We conducted 2 community summits, sharing progress, with over 500 people attending.
  • We initiated V22 communication strategies including a dedicated website and Facebook page, as well as regular radio and HTR presence.
  • We conducted the “I WILL” community pledge with 1,300 people formally pledging positive community thought, word and action.
  • We were acknowledged as an Active Community by Wisconsin Active Together.
  • We focused all efforts on improved community collaboration, communication and pride.



We have invited community organizations to assume leadership for specific tactics from the teams, moving forward.  As of this writing, we have successfully engaged with Healthiest Manitowoc County, Young Professionals of Manitowoc County, The Chamber – Manitowoc County and Progress Lakeshore to assist in execution of specific team tactics.  This transition is currently happening, and we are excited to see the positive changes occur with the collaborative leadership of these organizations.

We are sad to report that after nine months of great work and partnering, the Collaborative Branding effort has broken down and will likely disband.  V22 offered to continue the process to its completion but was unable to get key parties to commit to its completion.  This means the concept of “centralization”, which we felt would be a key deliverable of the branding will not happen.  This will impact some key deliverables of several of the groups moving forward.  We are still looking at possible options to deliver on this important need in the community.

Vision 2022 will sunset as a formal organization in coming months, as we did in the Vision 2011 program. We will now hand the reigns to community and related organizations.  Our concept is to transition our volunteer and support assets into a community service group dedicated to the ultimate vision of creating a community of people filled with excitement for success, pride and passion for better, who love to call Manitowoc county home.  We hope you will continue with the journey and we promise to keep everyone informed.  Feel free to contact us at v22mcorg@gmail.com

Individually, we are one drop.  Together, we are an Ocean.   Ryunosuke Satoro